Enchanted places nearby us: il Masso delle Fanciulle

A new suggestion for one day tour from Gualandi farm: Masso delle Fanciulle.

Masso delle Fanciulle in the municipality of Pomarance, about 30 minutes driving from Orciatico; it is a corner of rare scenic beauty of Tuscany. More precisely, the Masso delle Fanciulle is located in the Riserva of Berignone, a site of Europian Community interest, in a bathing area of ​​the river Cecina between the municipal territory of Pomarance and that of Volterra. The Masso delle Fanciulle is a place to rediscover a full and unconditional contact with nature, and certainly a beautiful place to make a unique experience. In particular, the name Masso delle fanciulle originates from an ancient local legend. Legend says that this beautiful place has this name because, in ancient times, the girls came here to bath and cool off in complete privacy. Masso delle Fanciulle is a real “natural poetry” in which the green vegetation mixes with the blue of the water and the sky to allow everyone to spend a day or a few hours of extraordinary relax open air

How to reach Masso delle Fanciulle

To get to the Masso delle Fanciulle you must follow the SS439 towards Volterra and then Pomarance. Once you have passed the bridge located on the river Cecina continue towards Berignone – Lanciaia and, after crossing the bridge over the river Possera, turn left until you reach the ford of the mill of Berignone. Once the car is parked, for a short distance you must wade the river and then follow the dirt road, a path, and a rock face. Once the crossing has been completed, there are various areas where you can stop for sunbathing or swimming. Who decides to visit the Masso delle Fanciulle is advised to bring along water, backpack and any food because there are no refreshment points in the area.

Have a great day and enjoy yourselves


Italian Style ever: the perfect breakfast

Accompanied by my motto” Italian style ever”, today I will tell you something about the two typical ways of having breakfast in Italy. First of all, breakfast can be made either at the bar or comfortably at home. In both cases you are in perfect style. Breakfast at home is made with the classic cup of coffee and worm milk (coffee made preferably with moka) and biscuits or rusks with jam. The biscuits, which we call ” da inzuppo (to be drenched)” – just because they can be soaked in coffee and milk – must have a consistency that does not break in the cup. The children are crazy about coffee, milk and biscuits, especially when the biscuits have chocolate, while the mothers prefer the rusks (better if integrals) with the jam. Breakfast at the bar is based on croissant and cappuccino. Someone replaces the cappuccino with an espresso. For example, I never drink cappuccino and “pezzo dolce (sweet piece)” because I love the contrast of the sweet with the bitterness of coffee. If you want to stay a little lighter, always remaining in style, the cornetto replaces a rice pudding. If you have breakfast at the bar, the right time is from 7:30 in the morning, until around 10: 30-11: 00. I advise you not to have breakfast after 11:00, otherwise you will skip the lunch!